Saturday, August 10, 2013

All But the Most Important (ish) of Tasks

I can't say that I woke up ready to take on some elaborate list of tasks. I do think one could make a good argument why I probably should have but alas, only a short list of things that came to mind were what I decided to tackle.

I took a little me time at first but since the weather was delicious, I decided my workout would take me outdoors and I would walk the route I did last week that led me the long way to the local farmer's market. Once at the market I would chill for a bit then continue the walk home The route to the market would take me somewhere between 3.5 and 4 miles and the fromt he market home is a little over a mile, perhaps a mile and a quarter.

When I got to the farmer's market, I was pleasanly surprised to see that the band to perform included my friend Chris on drums. all the years I've known him, I've never had the chance to see him play and I was quite impressed.

Here's a snapshot of the band:
While last week, the market was dedicated to dogs, and thus there were lots and lots of them, every week you'll find at least a few. Today, there was Norman. Take a look at Norman:

I know, right? Super friendly, I went down to pet him and he brought that wrinkled snout right up to my face and then...SNEEZED! I couldn't help but laugh at it.
After leaving the market I made a pit stop my my local library to pick up a CD waiting for me, then I headed home to shower and chill for a bit.
I needed a few grocery items from a few different stores. I was a bit hesitant to get onto the main shopping drag (Rt. 9) because here in MA, it's a sales tax free weekend; this often means lots of traffic near the big box stores. I braved it anyway to get what I needed and then again, returned home.
Once home and settled, I had realized that the one thing I really wanted to do was to go the pick up the passes I had reserved for Monday to go to a particular zoo with my daughter. Worse, I procrastinated long enough that the particular library where those passes were waiting had closed. I guess I'll have to get them on Monday at 10 am when they open - fortunately, it's in the direction of the zoo.
And so was my day to this point. As I type this, I've been listening to classics from the 1970's on YouTube. I'm contemplating heading out the see some live acoustic music.
Coming soon - "The Ace of Hearts" - A sandwich for the ages :)

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