Friday, August 09, 2013

Change in Plans

Went I went to bed last night, it was in my plan for my daughter and I to head over to the Bolton Fair, which oddly enough is not in Bolton, but Lancaster. This morning, I woke to the patter of rain on the skylight and thus, the realization that today's plans may need modification.

I let my daughter sleep in and I watched some TV before heading to the dungeon for a workout. I had my post-workout smoothie, grabbed a shower and got dressed then decided to see what the kid wanted to do for the day-her choice after offering some ideas, "nah, let's just hang here and chill!" I cracked up at this but obliged.

I got a call to handle a work emergency. I am not on call but this was a very rare and special case - while I had the option of not even considering it, I opted to do it simply because I knew I had the time and my input would be valued (I hope).

- Segue -

What do you think of Shakespeare? I gotta say, I am not a big fan. The idea of seeing a live performance of a Shakespeare piece is as unappealing to me as a hemorrhoid.

I watched Soylent Green with my kid the other day. I hadn't seen it in about 15-20 years and my daughter had been asking about it so I thought it would be fun to see it together.

Have you recently had the urge to make a call on an old rotary phone? I have.

I hate the pompous asses who smoke e-cigarettes indoors as if their pretentious stupidity makes it less offensive. Cigarettes are worse but e-cigs are also evil - don't be fooled.

Finally, on a sad note, my brother and sister-in-law's dog Rocky died the other day. R.I.P. Rocky! BTW, Rocky was a female.

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