Monday, August 19, 2013

Clouds in My Coffee 3

I haven't tried generating a word cloud from this blog since 2007, so I tried it just moments a go and this is what came out:

In other news, I've been extremely successful at procrastinating rebuilding my CS100 course for Office 2013. No pressure, first day of class is on September 3rd!

Had one of those odd six degrees of separation realizations yesterday.

Have you ever heard of these:
Grapple Crunches like an Apple. Tastes like a Grape.
My daughter asked me about them yesterday and that was the first time I ever heard of them. I went to Stop & Shop to try to buy some today, according to their website, they are the only retailer near me that carries them but the produce guy told me they only carry them on occasion - bummer, I need to try this.

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