Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Did I Ever Tell You?

I know that either while in Vegas last month or shortly after I returned I mentioned that I had a very good thing happen but I don't know if I ever elaborated.

During the conference, I attended a regional user group meeting for the software product that sponsored the conference and learned that they were interested in hosting a regional conference style event sponsored by the local user group and were looking for a host campus. I immediately contacted my boss who agreed and volunteered right there. That was a score.

Later, I introduced myself to the new CEO of the company and when he saw my name tag, which listed the college I work at, he said, "that's in my town!" We talked a bit more and when I mentioned to him about us possibly hosting the regional conference, he said, "please invite me, I'd love to come if my schedule permits." he then asked me for my email and sent me a note from his phone right there. For real? I just booked the new CEO?

As time progressed in the planning, it turned out that our campus was not viable as a host site for the target date, but, we were able to secure a campus about a mile away - that's  win. I am working on the planning committee so I went ahead and emailed Mr. CEO and eagerly await a response.

Helping with planning the event alone will be a good thing, it's high profile and something different. Of course the timing is hard because back to school is so crazy but what the heck, I can handle a challenge - right?

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