Sunday, August 04, 2013

Long Time No Meme (So What the Heck)

Have you ever clicked on an ad on the side of your screen by accident?:
Yes, unfortunately, some of these web sites make it very easy for that to happen and it's such a waste of time.
When was the last time you were disappointed?:
Seconds ago, when I decided to do this meme so I wouldn't have to write a thoughtful post.
Do you like the smell of rain?:
Not in particular.
What was the last thing you took a picture of?:
I was taking band pictures during "The Road Dawgs" show last night.
When you go to McDonald's, what drink do you usually get?:
I almost never go to McDonalds so to say what drink I usually get really makes no sense. However, I've been on a bit of an iced coffee kick the past few weeks and since they sell a medium for 99 cents, I've been in on that.
What were you doing today at 2:15 in the afternoon?:
My daughter and I had likely finished brunch and we were walking about in a strip mall.
What's the nickname of your home state?:
The Bay State (I've lived here since September of 1997, before that, I spent my life in The Empire State).
What's the worst type of weather in your opinion?:
Oppressive humidity on top of very hot temperature.
Do you have a Kindle, Nook, iPad or none?:
I used to have a kindle but I gave it to my sister-in-law. I kind of have an iPad - I don't own it, it's a work thing but I do use it.
Would you rather read or write?:
I'd rather write but it way harder than reading, so I read far more than I write.
When was the last time someone took a picture of you?:
Last night.
Do you own a pair of slippers?:
Name something negative that you hate about yourself:
This seems like entrapment!
Is your house currently hot, cold or just right?:
Central A/C...pretty good!
Is there a Dead End road near where you live?:
Of course.
Do you roll your eyes often?:
In fact, I found myself rolling them at the last question - other than that, not too often (I hope).
Growing up, did you see your cousins often?:
Yes - I was super close to many of them.
Where was your first job at?:
Hirsch Printing - corner of East 28th Street and Avenue U in Brooklyn.
When's your birthday?:
On the day I was born.
Is life a party to you?:
I thought life is a highway, what's this party thing you speak of?
Who are you tired of seeing in the news a lot? :
When was the last time you flew a kite?:
Way too long ago!
How long have you had a blog?:
Since June of 2004.
Have you ever had to call and complain about a product you bought?:
Yes, many times.
Name something positive you love about yourself:
More entrapment? What are you looking for?

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