Wednesday, August 28, 2013

More on My Sophomore

Yesterday my kid came back from her first day of school and was all excited to tell me that she had no homework, but that I did. She later handed me may pages of things I had to sign and fill out. Side note - do you also find it annoying to have to fill out the personal info/medical info thing fresh every year? How about providing a change form to alter the things that may have changed and not have to repeat the rest?

Today, her second day, her tune was different, "I have homework in every class!" I was secretly pleased :) Only a little. She banged it out pretty fast, mostly review stuff.

Much later in the evening, she was telling me about a few of her friends that are "bitching" about guy problems. UGGGH!!!! She seems to think her friends are a bit dramatic and silly to even talk like this. It's a bit overwhelming for me to hear her in this stage but I also know it's all very normal.

I'm breathing much better now :)

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