Sunday, August 18, 2013


I was at a red light on a two lane road and I noticed the car in front of me and in the lane to the left, the rear window was lowered and out came a pinwheel in the hand of what I presumed to be a young child. The small hand seemed to position the pinwheel very precisely in their hand and just as the traffic light turned green.

I had just enough time to watch as the pinwheel began to move and notice the young person holding it had made a slight adjustment then held it in place, I assume proud of their effort in getting just the right spin and I wondered if they conveyed their beaming pride to the rest of the passengers or simply enjoyed it for themselves.

I couldn't help but recall doing the very same thing as a young  boy. I recall my sister and I both having pinwheels on opposites sides of the back seat of my dad's car on the way back from somewhere, positioning them just so, getting the perfect spin, then proudly alerting the rest of the car of the blissful joy that something I didn't know then was so simple could provide.

Perhaps my opportunity to witness the pinwheel the other day was to remind me that sometimes the greatest joys are found in the simple things in life and that we should be mindful of not over complicating things.

I do know that it was a sweet memory.

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