Sunday, August 11, 2013

Recipe: The Ace of Hearts (A Sandwich Experience)

There's a buzz (that I created myself) about this sandwich I've been raving over the last few days and I wanted to present it to you here. I hope that you;ll be adventurous and try it, I think it's really delicious and my daughter refers to it as her new favorite sandwich - a pretty bold statement for a 15 year old!

At church on Palm Sunday, we've had this tradition of hearts of palm finger sandwiches. These sandwiches. My daughter and I often commit the sin of gluttony on this day right there in church by eating more than our fair share and being unable to control ourselves, they are so good!

After a few Palm Sunday's of eating them, Victoria said to me, "Daddy, you gotta make these at home, I can't wait a whole year to have them again." I took a while, but I did. I made them pretty much the way we have them at church and we enjoyed them. I let it be, for a while. Then a week or so ago, while rummaging through the cupboard and refrigerator - I decided to take the lab coat out and experiment with a somewhat elevated version of the hearts of palm sandwich and came up with what I eventually named, "The Ace of Hearts".

Let me walk you through it:

Let's look at the ingredients:

Multi Grain Bread - I love multi grain bread, it has body, texture and toasts well. this particular brand, Milton's is my favorite (I get mine at Trader Joe's).

Lemon Pepper - as you can see, McCormack makes a version - in the spice aisle. I got this jumbo bottle from BJ's (one of those bulk warehouse stores).

Hearts of Palm - the star of the show! Most supermarkets carry them in either a jar or can. If you get from a can, rinse a little more vigorously, I prefer the jar myself).

Butter - I like Smart Balance, use whatever butter product you like.

Mayonnaise - Again, I went with the Smart Balance brand but feel free to use the brand that makes you happy. Remember to use mayo though, Miracle Whip is not mayo!

Provolone Cheese (not in the above photo) - sandwich slices.

Let's take a closer look at the hearts of palm:

This is how they look whole. I cut them lengthwise first in half, then slice lengthwise. For each sandwich, you'll use between one and two hearts depending on the size (they vary). Here's a photo of the cut up hearts (two of them):

Terrible photo, bad lighting and bad exposure but you get the idea. Now, it's time to toast the bread:

The top slice has been buttered, the bottom one has a nice slather of mayo and them both get an ample sprinkling of the lemon pepper. Both are now read to get a slice of provolone on top; here's what that looks like:

I won't keep referencing the crappy quality of the photos. Simply place a slice of provolone on each of the toast slices. Now we add the sliced hearts of palm and them we'll close it up, slice it and plate it with some potato chips (in this particular instance). Here's some pictures:

Once you add the sliced hearts of palm, give them another nice sprinkle of the lemon pepper.

This is what it looks like all closed up and sliced (diagonally of course, makes it bigger!)

And here's the plate I ge to my kid for dinner this evening!

I know, it's pretty simple but it really is quite delicious. Let me know if you try it and what you think!

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