Thursday, August 01, 2013

Something About Eight One I Guess

I just went back to read my post from last year on this date. Here's the last paragraph from that post:

Have you ever felt so much inside but had no idea how to express those feelings effectively? Ever unsure of the best way to make clear how you feel because of really bad past experiences? Ever feel like your going to explode, just ker-blong because you want nothing more than to put it out there and know that every day that you don't is another day lost and if anything, everyone knows the importance of time and living in the present?

How is it August 1st already?

Makes me wonder less how the phrase "the more things change, the more they stay the same" came about.

Any parents of teens reading this? Of people who've parented teens and remember? Am I nuts or are there times where during a conversation you can actually see your child maturing? I was chatting with my kid earlier and it almost seemed that at times I stepped out of my body and watched the conversation, amazed that my "little girl" was leading.

As confusing, strange and inexplicable as this human life can be sometimes, boy, there are just somethings that can really blow your mind.

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