Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Bullets over Television

  • New sitcom called "Brooklyn Nine Nine" - two episodes in and I like it, very funny so far and well casted.
  • Another new sitcom, "The Goldbergs" debuted last night. I had high hopes but it fell flat for me. I may watch another episode, or maybe two but my hopes for it have already been shattered.
  • I wasn't completely sold on the new concept for this season of Survivor but after tonight, I think I may be into it.
  • I might be fading on "The Voice", so far, I'm not feeling it.
  • Not happy about the current decision by Mad Men to split the last season over two years, each with 7 episodes. Last year was very mediocre at best and the year before was a step down from previous years. I say go out strong and all together.
  • Breaking Bad ends this Sunday, I hope they don't fuck up as badly as the Dexter team did.
  • I am going to check out the Michael J. Fox show...

Is there anything on TV exciting you?

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