Wednesday, September 04, 2013

First Day of Classes - Take Two

Because courses are sequenced in a Tue/Thur and a Mon/Wed/Fri system, there are always kind of two first days of classes. Yesterday of course was the official kick off to the Fall semester and today, was the first day for the M/W/F group.

As I write this, just around noon and before I skip off for lunch, the day went as expected for the most part. I did find myself get a bit agitated when an instructor decided to send her entire class to the front desk to get their passwords - this is inappropriate. Aside from the fact that the students should be more on top of this, though these are automotive students who tend to not give a shit about anything but cars - the right move would have been for the instructor to arrange someone come to her class and assist so that the front area, which serves the larger population as well and is housed in the library so the extra noise factor of an entire class is just not good.

Right when I sensed I was getting upset over this, I took a deep breath and instead of reacting, I excused myself for a brief minute and just repeated to myself that regardless of how I feel about this, they are there and need I just went to work and got them taken care of. It isn't my responsibility to make sure instructors are doing their job properly, all I can do is communicate what I see as issues and hope they are handled by those whose job it is.

It is nice to have people walking the halls again, the summer gets real quiet, which is nice sometimes, but every minute of every day, it gets a bit old.

Now, what's for lunch?

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