Tuesday, September 03, 2013

First Day of Fall Semester Update

I thought it was necessary after this morning's post. As you know, I went in with reasonably high hopes. I was optimistic and starting this semester and academic year with a new attitude:
I was sitting here, in the dark, about 10-15 minutes before "the opening bell" just hanging when something happened that forced me to post this to Facebook, "Already? The doors are closed, the lights are out and there's a sign on the door in a giant font that says CLOSED. Why, tell me why would you attempt to open the door with such vigor that you nearly dislocate your shoulder?"

Were all my hopes shattered in that instant?
NO! I moved past it fast and got on with the day. Yes, it was super busy and yes, there were some genuinely, in an effort to be nice, not smart people. However, with few hurdles, the day was great, lots of fun and a success.

I must say that it does worry me though that a very incompetent teacher was rehired as an adjunct. This guy is teaching Computer Science courses and knows NOTHING! I am not exaggerating, he's a fucking idiot! I hate to be so harsh but it's the truth.

And so, I remain hopeful.

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