Monday, September 02, 2013

Goodbye TBTL!

I've mentioned before, not all that long ago, that I felt TBTL had just lost it's mojo. The original show, with Luke, Jen and Sean was just really cool. Not to short change Luke or Sean, who were both a fun part of the package, in the few years since Jen left, it has become so painfully obvious, even more so on her random one off returns, just how much she had to do with what was really great during the best of times on that show.

Right after I last wrote here how I was considering abandoning the show for good, Luke had announced he was leaving his morning radio show and implied he'd be putting a greater effort into TBTL (rather than the lackluster effort in more recent times). I gave it a chance but it's just not that fun to listen to anymore.

Over the last few weeks, I've actually only listened to a few shows and tonight, I finally deleted the podcast from my subscriptions list.

I am grateful for the entertainment I was provided with. Luke is still somewhat likable but the magic of the original three was something special. I also don't feel that Luke has his heart in it anymore - maybe I am wrong and just projecting my lack of enjoyment. I accepted it was something different that it was with Jen and Sean but what it became, in my opinion never held up.

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