Tuesday, September 03, 2013

Meteorological and now, Academically...

It's fall! The fall semester at work kicks off today, this means I revert back to a fancier dress code, donning shirt and tie instead of jeans and a polo; that's the easy part.

The crowds of students will be as thick as they will get over the next week or two before the herd begins to thin out. There's a lot of hope and a lot of confusion. A lot of dreams about to be realized and several, reconsidered. It's a time of frantic moments, interesting moments, interesting observation, and in some ways, sadness.

As I type this at 6:10 am, I am personally committed to try my best to take this semester on with a renewed spirit. I am completely redeveloping the courses I teach to implement new technologies, methodologies and philosophies and will work hard to foster the spirit of learning and progress despite the usual challenges. Fear to though, I will report on the unbelievable as I always have.

Until later.

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