Friday, September 13, 2013

No Signs of Jason

This week I reconnected with an old college buddy that I had lost touch with since the 80's. Bob and I (and some of our other college friends) had a great time back in those days - so glad to be back in touch!

One of my friends, and former colleagues, is in town visiting family - it was nice to get to catch up with her. her and her husband, along with their then very young son got on a sailboat up here in New England and worked their way all the way down south. they currently live on that boat in Florida and are expecting their second child in December - CONGRATS!

While I am sleep deprived this week and I worked really hard, and I am not at 100% thanks to a few nagging ailments - I feel pretty good! I feel really lucky!

Early this morning, my friend had this on Facebook:
I laughed at this but it also made me think of the great Daft Punk song. As a response, I created (and posted) this:


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