Saturday, September 07, 2013

Not Just Another Walk

Winter Street is a long quiet country road that start (or ends if you are coming the other way) just across the street from me. I started my walk by crossing over and beginning up Winter street when just a few feet into that road I see a very young boy, probably just mastered walking - had a binky in his mouth and was just wandering in the middle of the two way street. I was scared to death for him and it was so hard to react. I shouted for any adults in the area hoping that his parent(s) were nearby and nothing and I heard cars just after I was able to get him to come closer to the grass on the edge of the road - there are no sidewalks.

My instinct as a parent is to just pick this kid up and hold him so he can't get out of harm's way but I have to say, I was afraid to do that! I worried that if his parents saw me holding him they'd instantly panic and think I was kidnapping the poor kid - I hate that I felt that way!

I grabbed my phone and dialed 911. While I was doing this two cars has stopped and I explained to them what was happening and they agreed to block the road from traffic. Just as I got talking to the 911 operator, the kids father, with two dogs in hand comes walking down the street - at this point, the father has no idea his kid was even missing until he spotted him standing there a few inches from me and I asked if this was his kid and got him up to speed.

I mentioned to the police that the father had come along and hung up then chatted with the dad who was grateful for my intervention (then one of their dogs slimes my right had with a really disgusting, but cute kiss). My heart was beating good for the first mile of the journey. It scares me to think of what could have happened to that little boy on that road.

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