Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Reflections from 9/11 Past

I began this blog in June of 2004. It was only a few months later, on the third anniversary of the tragedy when I wrote the post below. I thought I would review where I stand on each 9 years after I wrote it. New commentary is in red.

The 5 Things I am Currently Wishing For
This is in no particular order and is being written on the fly:

1. If we must hurt, let it only serve to remind us that when we find that which brings us joy, it is worth both the sacrifice and the risk it may take to get it.
Still makes sense to me (despite the poor grammar).

 2. Before I take my last breath in this life, I get to meet the beautiful people I've grown so fond of in the blogging community.
I've had the pleasure of meeting several of the bloggers that were active in the blogging community including one who is one who means more to me than just about anyone in this world.

 3. The people of the United States of America to open their eyes, ears, hearts, and minds and realize that our current president is an evil man whose only good intentions are meant for him and those who serve him. Please let this country band together to make him go away.
When I wrote this, George W. Bush was president and I stand behind the idea that he was one of the worst things that ever happened to the USA. Looking back, I'm not sure he was pure evil - he was a puppet that was controlled my pure evil, Dick Cheney at the top of that list.

 4. For the families of those who've endured tragedies such as 9/11, any of the many wars, and any of the lesser known but no less tragic events that fill our newscasts nightly to find whatever it is they need to move on and have some happiness and joy in their lives despite the scars these tragedies will leave them with.
When I stop to think of the other tragedies that have happened since that day - all the people affected. It's hard - but life must go on and while we must remember, we should not dwell - we need to live on.

 5. That I can have the strength and courage to continue to grow as a person, and share what I've learned in this life with others.
This is as important today as ever.

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