Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Teacher Rewards

In my email today:

Hi there, Just wanted to tell you, your hard work has paid off!! I just started pharmacology for the 2nd time. I dropped out last year because of the pressure, divorce etc. Therefore I have some work from last year that I can share with the class. Pharm is a tough class & it is good to study in groups, but like me with kids not everyone can make it to school etc. to study outside class. So I opened a dropbox folder & explained to the class how it works & had all the class email me so I could share it. Therefore we can all share our work & study from home etc. They all think it's a great idea!!!
Hope all is well,
This came from a past student who is telling me how she leveraged material she learned in my class into a way for her to be able to participate in a study group despite the limitations of her personal life.
Getting emails like this are very rewarding and offset the lazy ass students who do nothing then go out of their way to blame their teachers because they are to cowardly to admit their own faults.

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