Sunday, September 01, 2013

The Rains Fell

I'm watching the news as I type this and the lead story is the crazy rain storms today. I feel very fortunate that there appears to be no water damage or even seepage and I lost electricity for a grand total of eleven seconds today; many others were not as fortunate.
The quest for steam buns ended successfully today. My daughter has had a craving for them as it had been a couple of months since we last had them after purchasing them from a local Asian grocery store. A few weeks ago, we had returned to the Asian market only to find they were going to be closed for vacation for a few weeks. We returned after vacation, and the store had to yet been fully stocked, the proprietor indicated that they would have the buns by month's end.

After several visits over the last coke of weeks that ended in disappointment, finally, today we were ale to leave with the steam buns - we both enjoyed them for lunch and while I had a salad for dinner, my kid had yet another steam bun.
Hoping to have a decent day off tomorrow. The weather looks like its going to be crappy but I could use the time to continue building my online course.

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