Monday, September 16, 2013

The Week Ahead

Today would have been my dad's 87th birthday. I guess it still is right? Birthdays still happen after death don't they? The day you were born never changes. Are birthdays exclusively for celebrating markers of time while alive? We still celebrate Washington's, Lincoln's and MLK's birthday - in fact, we get a day off for those!

Later this week is the anniversary of my mother's passing and the anniversary on my move to MA from NY.

Today is my l o n g work day this semester because I teach on campus tonight. I hope that class goes on as well as it did on night one.

The weather is slowly transitioning to Fall - and it has been awesome!

Lots of good thoughts going out to Colorado - what a mess they have there. I sent a message to my friend Lisa who lives their with her husband and children. Fortunately, they are safe but the town where they live is among the ones getting pummeled by rain and problems. So many are displaced! Keep them all in your thoughts.

Have a nice day...I may come by later again.

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