Sunday, September 08, 2013

Very Quickly

I am creating this post with a combination of left-handed typing and dictation on the crApple iPad. It may be hard to believe by the end of this post, but I actually had a pretty good day.

The thing is, I recently had a relapse of whatever the thing that was wrong with my stomach, I have a doctor appointment this coming Thursday. I have been back on the same medication as before, which is helping, but not healing.

To complicate matters, I have this thing with my right thumb that according to the many people who've looked at a picture of it on Facebook, including a number of medical professionals, Seems like it might be an infection. All I know is that it hurts really bad, So I will be visiting my doctors office tomorrow morning. I just don't see any point in waiting to see what happens especially if it is an infection, I don't want to give it a chance to spread.

That's all for tonight, think good thoughts for me as I will for you.

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