Monday, October 21, 2013

A Country Song in the Making

In a FB thread earlier, one of the best people I know wrote a line that I was so envious of, I had to use it  in a poem or a song. After reading it a few times, it just kept feeling like country song to me. I was sitting in my office a few minutes before my class tonight and it just hit me, and I cranked out two verses incorporating this magical line:
Am I drowning my disappointment
or celebrating my success
Am I giving in to my anxieties
or am I destined to be one of the best

In this moment of just not knowing
I'll kick one back for good times sake
and another for good measure
While my world is in the hands of fate
In my silly brain, I can even hear Blake Shelton singing it! I've got a melody in mind, I need a chorus and to finish the story. One of these days.

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