Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Nice Note/Awareness

I received a surprise the other day when a friend took the time to write a note to thank me for being a friend.

"I want you to know how grateful I am to call you my friend, I believe we meet people for many reasons. Whatever the reason, I am so glad I met you. You are such a wonderful, compassionate friend and I have been so blessed by you."
It's very nice to read these words and for someone to take the time to do something like that, but I really have no idea what I did other than jut be me.
I am not a perfect being, but I try to be there for my friends and family. I don't always succeed at being the best I can be but I do make an effort and it's nice to get validation every now and again that it might make a difference.
I think it was last year that I learned that September is thyroid cancer awareness month. Here we are almost mid-October, breast cancer awareness month, and I realize that I let September pass without mention of thyroid cancer awareness - I am sorry!
Visit - read, learn, make a donation, buy some swag. I happen to wear a teal thyroid cancer awareness bracelet every day.

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