Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Day After A Holiday Syndrome

It seems that with the day off yesterday for the Columbus day holiday, everyone saved up all of their crazy and unleashed it today! Man was it busy.

Unrelated: As I was typing this, an email came in from the library indicating the Daft Punk CD I requested is ready for pickup.

I should probably not bother saying I had a really fucked up encounter today because I can't say anything more about it in this space - but it kind of pissed me off and disgusted me a bit.

I had a really cool experience with my kid yesterday! She has been such a great blessing in my life.

This post is everywhere!

  • I miss my "reunion crew" a lot!
  • I wanna visit the Midwest again
  • If A-Rod put on a Yankee uniform next year, I will go another year not watching a single inning of baseball (I may do that anyway - I don't miss it)
  • My buddy Rob and his sons are coming up this weekend - Salem, during Haunted Happenings - Fun!
Thanks everyone!

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