Sunday, October 13, 2013

DVR Technology: Time for the Next Level

DVR technology has matured since it's inception, but I think there's more it can, and should do. In fact, there is one crucial piece of the puzzle that I really hope is considered as crucial to this technology by those in the development community as I do (and I bet at least some of you as well).

Have you ever gone to watch something during the week that you recorded on Sunday, only to find it's either not there at all or only a portion of it made the recording? Turns out a football game went long and everything else got shuffled and moved later by 38 minutes. Or, you recorded the football game becaus you had to go to a neighbor's kids recital (how fucking torturous would that be?). You love that you can blast through the commercials, replaysa and extended color commentary but alas, the recording ends about two minutes into the 4th quarter! Most football games go long, but unless you intentionally tell the recording to go long (a feature now available on most if not all DVRs), you will miss the end of the game.

I think these two scenarios and all variations are something that can be rectified. If the industry has accepted that the public needs DVR technology, then it's time to make it so these things don't happen anymore...their fix should be automatic, the recording schedules should adjust automatically to the real time situations...fix this so we can get on with world peace.

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