Saturday, October 19, 2013

Freeze Frame

Going on the picture is worth a thousand words theory, here are several thousand words related to the day I spent in Salem at Haunted Happenings today:

I custom designed this pair of Chuck Taylor's; they are super cool and have "HeeDeeDee" on them, but they are still the most uncomfortable sneakers :)
 A little boat they call, "The Friendship of Salem"
 Just a couple of shadows looking for fun and mischief
 As we march to the "courtroom" to determine if Bridget Bishop should stand trial #witchtrials #cryinnocent
 During "Cry Innocent"
 This woman was a bit too intensely into this play and was genuinely upset that anyone raised their had insisting there was enough evidence to try "Goody" Bishop, the total crown decided there was not (unlike how it really happened).
 Nice Sax!
 He did the mash....

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