Monday, October 14, 2013

Hanging with The Vix

My kid and I both had off for the Columbus day holiday today so after I was able to get a workout in, and she got a good head start on her homework, we both headed to Cambridge where there are a cluster of Japanese places in a little place called Porter Square, at Lesley College.

In this place are a number of eateries and the most popular one by far is called "Sapporo Ramen". You look at the place and wonder why people wait an hour for a seat, then sometimes 15-20 minutes more for the food. I will tell you why, two words....the broth.

The complexity of the broth is nothing short of stunning. The sign on the wall indicates that the broth takes 10 hours to make. there is a richness of collagen and density of flavor that is almost indescribable. Frankly, it doesn't even matter what else is in the bowl but there are a few choices.

My daughter and I journeyed in, waited an hour and change and then devoured slowly our giant bowl of luscious ramen savoring every slurp until the only thing left was bowl.

We then walked around town or a little while and returned to the shops for a "Melon Pan", a delightful Japanese desert bread. I took a few small bites, my kid went to town though. The nice thing is that it's relatively light, not cloyingly sweet but does the job nicely.

It was a pretty nice day, lots of good quality time with my kid!

Back to work in the morning.

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