Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Popping By

On Sunday, I posted a recipe called "Chocolate Chip Cookie Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Brownies", the reviews are in...

"Are you kidding me!!! That brownie just ruined all future brownies. PLEASE tell me that you tried one? That was so good. You could start a business. That was ridiculous deliciousness!!!! I could eat a pan of those."

"Delicious!,I brought it home and shared it with my wife...we both loved it"

"That was GOOD man! I ate it on the way home, we should start a business and sell them here."

Those were from a few folks at work I shared them with, my daughter brought some to school to share with her friends and they all loved them too.

what's the reason I tell you all of this? Simple, to encourage you to make them as well.
Some bitch in North Dakota decided she's going to put a "fat" note in trick-or-treaters bags. you can find this on the Internet, FB and everywhere else. Who the fuck do some people think they are? If someone put a fat letter in my kids trick-or-treat bag I would personal toilet paper their house.
I guess there's some controversy over comments made my Pete Townsend and disputed by Roger Daltrey about whether or not The Who will retire after their next tour. I say, the Who hasn't meant anything in a quarter of a century and the longer the 2 surviving members tour and call themselves The Who, the less important their body of work becomes - and that is a shame.
I never got the see the documentary "Springsteen and I" but have it on my Blu-Ray wish list.

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