Thursday, October 31, 2013

R.I.P. Bob

Bob Hennis was an adjunct at the school where I work for about 25 years. I've know Bob for the entire time I've worked here and he was one of the good ones, a really nice guy that always stopped to say hi, have some conversation and ask about the family.

About a year and a half ago (roughly, I am bad with pinpointing time), Bob had spent about a year out sick, quite sick. As I recall, he had a heart valve replaced then during recovery, battled a bad case of cellulitis. But, when he came back, he looked terrific and had beaten all of it.

I last saw Bob last Thursday and he was his usual self. I didn't notice that I didn't see him on Tuesday because I have been running around a lot and he was only here or a few hours on Tuesday and Thursday this semester. A student inquired about him today mentioning that he didn't show up for class today or Tuesday and even the student recognized how unlike Bob this was.

One of the administrative assistants from this campus called the department office, who then called his home when she was informed of his passing.

Bob was a very friendly man and he will be missed here at MassBay, rest in peace!

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