Sunday, October 27, 2013

R.I.P. Lou Reed

There's so much that's already been said and that will be said about the music of Lou Reed and his impact on the history of popular music.

Instead of rehashing, rewording or revisiting any of the readily available tributes, I thought I would offer a few more personal anecdotes that are Lou Reed related:

I once had a bass guitar that I named Suzanne, Inamed it that because around the time I had the guitar, Lou Reed had a song called "I Love You Suzanne".

I was setting up the gear for a karaoke night that I was emceeing at the church. After all of the equipment was set up, I tested the audio by singing "Walk on the Wild Side". The one other person in the building stopped what they were doing once I began to sing and at the end, she said I did a great job. Kudos to Lou Reed for having songs that bad singers could get away with. Somehow, with so many of his words, it's all about the attitude; I guess that day I had the right attitude.

When I was in college, this guy Brian I used to hang out with had a hobby that pissed Lou Reed off. You see, Brian was a big Lou Reed fan and he knew that one of Reed's "things" was to hang out in the arcade's in Times Square incognito. Reed hated to be found and more, to be recognized and called out. Brian, loved to hunt Reed down and recognize him. I had the pleasure of witnessing this and it was pretty funny to watch the absolute disgust in Lou Reed's face and it was more directed at himself for failing to effectively disguise himself.

If you are affected by music as much as I am and you've never listened to Lou Reed's work, you should. You may not like all of it, you may not like any of it, but you will recognize why it's important if you take the time to put it in the context of the place and time it was made.

Rest in Peace Lou!

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