Thursday, October 31, 2013

Sadness Today

In addition to learning of the passing of my colleague, I learned that my aunt has relapsed with leukemia. My aunt is 83 (or 84) and the last living of my mom's siblings. She battled this disease last year and went into remission and had been doing pretty well up until very recently.

Aunt "Babydoll" lives up in Rochester. She used to come visit at least once a year and I think I wrote this on the blog at some point over the years - her youngest son Michael, we once peed his pants, literally (there was a puddle on my Aunt Ann's floor) during the super scariest scene in Rosemary's Baby when you see the baby devil's eyes.

One of Aunt Babydoll's things, not unlike my mom, was to tease her hair up, way up. Oh, those old timers!

I hope she gets well! Please think good thoughts for her.

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