Friday, October 11, 2013

Tamper Destroyed, Mess Made

The photo is crappy quality, but it's clear enough to see the silly damage and destruction this poor tamper endured as a result of my brain clearly turning off for a few seconds earlier this evening.

I had the urge for a dessert like item. preferably with chocolate. I went to the Vitamix web site and pulled a chocolate ice cream recipe and made a few quick modifications to make it sugar-free.

I got it all together, put the ingredients into the blender, and got the tamper thing going through the lid. The whole processing part should only be 45 seconds to a minute - so I don't know what possessed me to take off the lid and stick the damper into the blender without it (the lid serves as a stop for the damper preventing it from ever touching the blades). Of course, without the lid, the damper hit the blades and the blades responded viciously by eating the bottom few inches of the tamper rendering it useless and the frozen treat inedible (not to mention caused the dark chocolate treat inside to splash my face, glasses and the surrounding areas).

Oh well!

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