Friday, October 04, 2013

The Blah's!

Today was just one of those days, you know, the kind you can't really explain and don't wish to delve further into why (yet that is just what I am doing by writing about it - right?).

It wasn't an awful day by any means, though there were times I wanted to poke my eyes with a hot branding iron...not really, but several frustrating moments. the good thing, a few deep breaths and a walk away from the desk made it all better. It baffles me how rude people can be not only when you are trying to help them, but while they are asking you for help.

This student called on the phone and got to me after she annoyed the crap out of the librarian who very nicely explained that this was an IT issue and that she would happily transfer her. The student insisted at fist that it was a library the librarian!

Then the call gets to me - she's taking loud and with attitude. I told her to calm down and talk at a slower pace so that I could better understand and she wasn't thrilled with that. I can't lie, it took more than I like to admit to not tell her to fuck of and stop being a mean ass bitch. However, I really didn't want her to ruin my day or to make me do something beneath me. I took a deep breath, tried to imagine that perhaps she's under stress and doesn't know how to act properly in this situation or maybe even doesn't realize how much of a bitch she was being.

After hearing her explain the problem, I told her that I would try to recover her file but not to get her hopes up because based on what she was saying, there is a reasonable chance it has been deleted (because she stored it in a place where she should not have stored it). I asked her to call me back in 15 minutes.

By the time I got her to hang up, she had me pretty upset - so much so that part of me wanted to just not do anything and when she called back that her file was gone; it would have served her right for being so mean to two people who only wanted to help her.

However, I put it all into perspective and I looked to the greatest inspirations in my life - I knew the right thing to do and that is what I did. I went to the computer and managed to recover her file - saved it on a flash drive and went back to my desk waiting for her call.

When she called, I told her that I recovered the file and then proceeded to email it to her seconds after she gave me her email address. While she said a brief "thanks", it was not genuine. In fact, right after an inflection free "thanks", she proceeded to complain. At that point, I said "welcome" in the same monotone and hung up on her as she was rambling on with her complaints.

Where do these people come from?

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