Tuesday, October 22, 2013

USPS P's Me Off

I reluctantly support the post office, despite hoe poorly they are run and how obnoxious so many of the employees are at the post office. The main branch in Framingham (MA) I am certain gives asshole lessons to all who work at that branch.

I had a package to ship. It's a prepaid deal, all ready to go, all I had to do was drop it off. I have done this a number of times, though I usually go to one of the satellite branches where the nicer postal workers are exiled - they just take my package, make some nice conversation and even, at least occasionally, wish me a nice day (in return, I also show them respect).

I decided to drop the package I had to day off at the main branch because they are open real early in the morning and by getting that task out of the way in the A.M. left me free at lunch to handle other tasks. I got there so early in fact, that for the first time in years, I walked right up to the counter with no wait. I drop off the package and tell the lady, "just dropping off". She looks at the package and in a stern, demeaning (and super bitchy and gravelly) voice yelps, "you are supposed to drop this off at the Ashland post office."

I apologized and told her that I was unaware, that there is nothing on the website indicating this during the prepay process. I then told her it seems to make no sense either, almost negating the convenience of prepaying. Then she revealed why she, her colleagues and the post office nationwide are idiots and doomed to continue to fail as a whole...

"Because the label says Ashland, they are going to get the credit for handling this package yet we are the ones handling it." She blasted. At this point, I had to fight off the urge to tell her to go fuck off and quit her job. First off, it is the fucking post office, their job is handling the fucking mail! Then, this is a main branch! What the hell should it matter where the fuck I drop off my package. Should I only mail all of my letters that say Ashland, the town where I live, at the Ashland post office so that the other post offices don't have to handle the mail they aren't getting credit for?

How broken is the stupid postal system?

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Cuzzup! said...

I fell off my chair reading this because toward the end, it sounds exactly like something I would say!!