Friday, October 25, 2013

What the...

My daughter had been complaining about one of her teachers pretty consistently since the beginning of the school year. Initially, it seemed as if the teacher was a bit eccentric, perhaps had a bit of an ego, I listened, told my kid to hang in there but to keep me posted.

Often, she would come home and say how "odd" this teacher was. There was one time where she was sent to detention, swearing to me that she did not do anything to deserve this, at the end, the teacher indicated that they were sorry and thought my kid was someone else. My kid actually served the whole detention period for no reason!

A few days ago, there was this homework assignment that was really odd, almost creepy. Then, I find out the teacher videotaped the class and put it on the Internet without getting parental authorization. The students all even called the teacher on it but the teacher told them they were wrong and disciplined them for speaking up.

I finally had heard enough and contacted the principal, the dean of students and the head of the department for their subject area. This was Wednesday, I was told by everyone that they would look into this matter, that they took it very seriously and would protect my daughter's privacy (at my request) so there couldn't be any possible punishment for such action.

Today, I got an email - not a response from the chain of emails where I was informing them of all of this stuff but a separate one that was sent to all parents of students of this teacher indicating that this particular instructor had resigned their position as of today. I am going to assume I should hear back from them but am not sure if they will or even can say anything more - but my assessment is that something may have been up with this teacher and maybe my kid speaking up and me saying something made a difference.

I am so proud of my girl for talking to me and trusting that she can come to me with this stuff. I called her today to tell her what I know and to tell her how proud I am of her.

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