Sunday, November 10, 2013

Avocado's Number

It you've ever taken a chemistry class, you have heard of something called "Avogadro's number". For some reason, I often think about this when I purchase avocados and just as often, joke (sometimes silently, sometimes aloud) by saying avocado's number.

My daughter expressed a desire for avocado the other day, then again today. On both occasions, I used them in a version of a grilled cheese sandwich. Today, it was provolone and mozzarella with avocado and tomato on multigrain bread; yum!

In celebration of her excellent report card, my daughter got to choose a restaurant for is to go to, so tomorrow, with no school for either of us, we will go to Minado for an all you can eat sushi feast.

My cat's nose drips sometimes, this cracks me up!

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