Monday, November 25, 2013

Bippity Bop

That was one heck of a football game last night. Who decided to have night games? Clearly it was not someone who had to get up at 5 am or so for work the next day. I won't go into further detail (unless you ask) but suffice it to say, we New Englanders all had a sluggish day.

Somehow the refrigerator I researched went up in price by a thousand the heck can that be real? A thousand? The cosmos are fucking with me I tell ya? I'm already in knots over this whole project - the stupid jerks who designed this house layout the kitchen in a way that forces me to require a counter depth refrigerator (or needing to pretty much gut my entire first floor)...ugh!!!

I am gearing up for a long drive for Thanksgiving, even longer when one factors in the holiday traffic that I hope to avoid but know that is not possible.

What are you all doing for Thanksgiving?

Finally for this post, I want to tell you all how proud I am of my daughter, she has worked really hard in school and is really maturing - she's awesome!

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