Tuesday, November 05, 2013

Bomb Threats are Not Funny

NOTE: I had to remove the picture for a number of reasons, suffice it to say, it was disturbing and frightening.

I wish I could say the picture to the right is a joke but it's very real. My colleague found it hanging in the men's room on our floor - thankfully he said something. I asked him to call campus police while I contacted the president's office and other execs right after I went to snap this picture to send off to the execs.

Shortly thereafter, as I was about to get the order to evacuate the building, I learned of my Aunt's passing. I just wanted to leave but I had to compose myself long enough to help evacuate a building. At the same time, our other two campuses were being evacuated as there was a previous threat at the main campus the night before.

The local news was all over the place after the bomb squad made their way through. I thought my phone would explode.

I am not sure I've yet to process the death of my aunt, the bomb threat and all of the emotion of the day and the events leading up to the passing of my aunt - quite frankly, I'm still processing the stuff my student laid on me the night before.

Life is hard sometimes!

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