Thursday, November 14, 2013

Kitchen Nightmare - First Edition

After months of working on this and finally getting a firm quote that I was happy with, this past weekend I put a sizable deposit on the kitchen remodel. this morning, I get an email from them saying they made a mistake and left something off the quote and basically wanted an extra $550 or so. what made it ridiculous is that is was for "reconnecting kitchen appliances." It's a kitchen remodel, every kitchen remodel, their business, has this as part of it - there is no way at all that it's possible they made a mistake, this to me is a predatory practice equivalent to extortion.

I was very careful with my reply, but basically I told them that if they decide they don't want to honor the contract, that I expect a refund of the deposit my noon tomorrow or interest charges would accrue. Furthermore, I would be filing a formal complaint with the Better Business Bureau and the state Attorney General's office who handles consumer complaints. I will not allow anyone to fuck with me like this - if they honor the contract, they will not have any room for error, I will expect nothing short of perfection from them.

Please folks, if people try to pull a fast one on you, call them on it. Don't let anyone get away with any crap! Can you imagine they let a kitchen remodel walk away over $550? Even if it was an honest mistake, which it would be near impossible, don't you think that the call to me should not even have to be made? Just move on ad do the job, do it right, and have another satisfied customer who may refer you.

In fact, I had enjoyed such good customer service up to that point that I have already referred them but quickly rescinded those referrals this morning after this. I need for it to play out.

We shall see.

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