Monday, November 18, 2013

Knowing When to Say When

Despite last Monday being a "bye" week for our class (no classes for Veteran's day), with the local football team (Go Pats!) playing tonight, I knew I had limited attention of my students. In fact, one of them, despite my promise last class meeting to get them out in time for the game, emailed me claiming to be sick.

Hard for me to give the benefit of the doubt on this one but either way, he was gone and the rest, showed up ready to work (as they have all semester). We got through the plan for the evening and made it out in plenty of time for kickoff. I mentioned to them that I like to keep my promises and when I promised that they would be out in time for kickoff, I meant it. I then added, "Back in class meeting number one, I promised if you weren't preparing all along that the final would be the hardest test you ever took - and I keep my promises." That got a terrified chuckle or two.

Class dismissed.

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