Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Lunch Time Pay it Forward

I had gone to lunch and noticed that I had two coupons in my car. Both were for 20% off entire sale at Christmas Tree Shop and both would expire after today and I knew I would not be using them. I decided to use half of my lunch hour driving to Christmas Tree Shop, look around for the two fullest baskets and give a coupon to the shopper (if they didn't already have one).

It did not take long to find the two takers and the joy I saw in both of their faces over something so simple was at the very least equal to the joy I got back. It felt great to do!

In another pay it forward, all commissions earned between today and 12/31/2013 from any of you kind enough to use my Amazon link up there in the upper right will be donated to the relief efforts for the recent typhoon in the Philippines. Furthermore, I will personally match the commission amount dollar for dollar to double the donation; so please, if you are going to shop with Amazon, please use this link to do so.

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