Monday, November 11, 2013

Sushi and the FlipFold

My daughter got a really fine report card, more than me being proud of her, it made her proud of herself and that is really the best thing of all. As a reward, I told her I would take her to eat anywhere she wanted and she selected all you can eat sushi (fine by me).

We both indulged in sleeping in this morning, her later than I but both, way later than usual - especially for a Monday (thanks to the Veteran's day holiday). I got a little work out in but did not eat anything knowing that I would be going overboard at the restaurant and my kid didn't eat before we left either; so we were primed for gluttony.

We enjoyed ourselves with lots of great food and had a good time. We walked off some of it by heading down the strip mall and into Christmas Tree Shop where I proceeded to make silly jokes at things and with other shoppers. After, we went into The Container Store, where I found an "as seen on TV" item that I had always been curious about, The FlipFold.

I rarely buy these things from TV because even if they let you send the item back if it's crappy, which is more often than not, you gotta eat the shipping and handling charges both ways, so the potential loss is too great. In this case, The Container Store has a liberal return policy so there wasn't any risk involved in giving in to my curiosities.

while I did have a basket full of T-shirts to launder, I couldn't wait to try this out so while the dirty ones were washing, I refolded every other of my T-shirts and I must say, this device is a keeper!

More than it being faster, the uniformity and neatness of the end result is really nice and made it so that I can actually store the shirts better in my closet. I am keeping this one for sure.

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