Wednesday, November 06, 2013

The Day After

One nice thing is that the President of the college and several other execs took the time to email me a thank you note for my quick action and service during yesterday's bomb threat.

I was walking back into the lab/library this morning and as I was about 10 feet from the door, I see something jet by and make a loud noise as it hit a wall. Turns out it was one asshole student throwing a water bottle at another asshole student. I immediately got campus police involved.

As if it wasn't already a stupid thing to do, the day after a bomb threat, any loud noise and/or violent acts is experience by the surrounding people very different, so I had to make sure it stopped immediately (it did).
This jerk off player on the Miami Dolphins, "Incognitio", needs to be banned for life.
I popped into the supermarket to get a single avocado yesterday, this was due to a craving for avocado by my daughter. At the checkout, I spotted that they had these Advent calendars (the ones with a little piece of shitty chocolate for each day of advent).
Last year, my friend Barbara was either very pregnant or a new mom, my memory fails me, but she neglected to get her traditional supply of advent calendars for her nephews/nieces - she had mentioned it to a group of us at work. I was about and about a few days later, it was already late December and the usual places that carry them, all at a usual cost between $1 and $1.29, were out for the season and I happened to stumble across a few in a specialty Hallmark store. the problem, the wanted $3.99 each for them; nice ripoff!
I had to call Barbara to see if she wanted them, she asked for two, I picked them up for her and that was that. here we are, at the start of November and everyone has Christmas stuff out in full force and I ran into boxes and boxes of the Advent calendars for $1.19 at the market. I did what any insane person would do - I bought 12 of them, then called Barbara to tell her she was covered - the laughter ensued!
Enough - good night!!!!

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