Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 Over and Out?

Not yet sure if I will post again before midnight I shall consider this the last post and even if it is not, we can refer to it as the last post of the year part 1.

For the third straight calendar year I can say that no day passed without exercise; this statement has been true since October 9th of 2010. Not every workout has been the perfect one but I do my very best year round and I consider this a great accomplishment.

Over the last few months, my whole food intake has been off. It all started with some bad stomach pain and even worse heartburn. Eventually, it led to the discovery of gastritis (thank God nothing really serious) but no real root cause. After some research, I question if the daily intake of whey protein post morning workout had been the reason (or at least part).

In general, these past few months since the stomach thing, I've been off - not just with food but with the whole flora and fauna thing in general. I need to find that harmony again.

I had a bad year with the books, not nearly enough reading but I am remedying that for 2014 having gone about 2/3rd's of the way through what will be the first book I finish in 2014 and several more lined up behind.

I suspect January will be a difficult month at home only because of the disruption of the kitchen remodel. Depending on the actual start date, it may tip into February but I hope it's not as awful as it seems - the idea of not having a kitchen at all for 3-6 weeks scares me a little, and my poor cat will deal with fright each day of work 9as he did when the roof was done, the bathroom and even the painting.

I baked this morning and I don't know if my oven is mad at me because I already purchased its replacement or I am not on my game because the end results were sloppy. Fortunately, the sloppiness only refers to appearance and doesn't alter the flavor.

I guess before I go, in the chance I don't make it back, I want to wish you all a happy and healthy new year for 2014. May you all find what you are in search of and have a dream or two become reality...and thank you for reading my blog!

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