Friday, December 06, 2013


The very first time I ever wrote on this blog on my birthday was in 2004, the year I started it. That year I turned 40 and today, I turn 49 - then end of the forties. I've lived my entire 40's here in bloggerville!

Moments after I started my work day, a friend brought me balloons for my birthday, which was sweet but it cracked me up because I really love balloons. I got invited to the allied health department's pot luck and it was a good one, cause I got to eat without having to bring something (is that terrible for me to say? Oh well, too late, I said it, and I meant it). I like potlucks and often participate. this was a last minute courtesy invite by that department in thanks for my good service to them.

Looking back, I seem to have a track record for getting sick in December. I am still nursing a constant cough and it sucks.

I am now half way through my 30 day plank challenge! Tomorrow I get to do a 2 minute plank - oh joy :)

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