Sunday, December 01, 2013

I Must Go Shopping

I do not know who the author of the following is; it was introduced to me today and I had to share it, especially now, at this time of year. Please, print a copy, keep it with you and every time the craziness of the season gets to you, read it. Also, please share it.

I must go shopping. I am completely out of generosity and want to get some.

I also want to exchange the self-satisfaction I picked up the other day for some real humility. They say it wears better.

I want to look for tolerance, which is worn as a wrap this season. I saw some samples of kindness and I'm a little low on that right now. One can never get too much of it.

I must try to match some patience. I saw it on a friend and it was so becoming. I must remember to get my sense of humor mended, and keep my eyes open for some inexpensive goodness.

Yes, I must go shopping today.

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