Tuesday, December 03, 2013

Like a Giant Steel Wool Pad Soaked in Flames

That's what my throat felt like when I woke up this morning. I hated to, but had to call in sick (actually email in sick). I stood in bed until 12:30 pm and even then, only got out of bed because the bladder was full.

I took some various medicinal items and had a bowl of cereal and watch TV for about 20 minutes - and then went back into bed. I spent more time in my bed than I have in a very long time, in fact, since the last time I was sick.

Made me wonder, perhaps my body intentionally gets sick because it's the only way it knows it's going to get the amount of sleep it needs/desires/wants.

Lots of zinc, vitamin c, fluids, rest and I am feeling better than this morning but I still have a slight cough and the throats is still a little sore. Time for some more rest.

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