Thursday, December 12, 2013

Listening Party

I just reviewed the list on my library account of CD's I borrowed. I don't buy many CD's anymore but rather borrow them from the library and rip them to iTunes. Here are some I've listened to this year and a word or two about them:

  1. Blunderbuss - Jack White: Loved it, made me like Jack White
  2. Push and Shove - No Doubt: Excellent!  
  3. Covered - Macy Gray: I love cover versions, this is pretty unique and surprised me.
  4. Born to Sing No Plan B - Van Morrison: A nice listen as I recall, nothing earth shattering, but cool.
  5. Unorthodox Jukebox - Bruno Mars: I liked it a lot.
  6. The Carpenter - The Avett Brothers: I only discovered them this past year, great stuff!
  7. The Idler Wheel...-Fiona Apple: It didn't knock me over like it did the critics but I did like it.
  8. Trespassing - Adam Lambert: Disappointing overall.
  9. Songs for the End of The World - Rick Springfield: Surprisingly awesome.
  10. Rebel Soul - Kid Rock: Dig him, dig this record.
  11. Music From Another Dimension - Aerosmith: Time for them to hang it up.
  12. Natural History - J.D. Souther: Brilliant!
  13. Push the Sky Away -Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds: good stuff, if you like Nick Cave.
  14. The Next Day - David Bowie: Very good, but again, not to the level the critics gave it.
  15. Enjoy Every Sandwich (The Music of Warren Zevon) - Various: All covers of his songs, fun record, great listen.
  16. Save Rock and Roll - Fall Out Boy: badass!
  17. The Jazz Age - Bryan Ferry Orchestra: Totally unique!
  18. 13 - Black Sabbath: Worth the wait...a pleasant surprise.
  19. Wrote a Song for Everyone - John Fogerty: Love it.
  20. See You There - Glen Campbell: Haunting, amazing, totally amazing.


Pissedatyoko said...

looks like some coordinates for a Youtube stroll.

Chris said...

Lots of fun stuff there "Pissedatyoko". thanks for reading :)