Sunday, December 22, 2013

Mom and Pop Shop

There's a little place called "The Sherborn Sandwich and Pizza Shop" that I learned of a few years ago from a colleague at work who discovered it. My colleague cracked open a styrofoam container one day that had what looked like pizza, but it was different. When I asked her what it was, she replied, "breakfast pizza!" "WHAT!" I replied....

It was the following Sunday that I went to visit the place along with my daughter and we've continued to drop by almost every Sunday since. I believe I've talked about the stray cat that lived outside this shop for years, his name was "Killer", and he was a sweetheart in the time that we knew him. He disappeared at the age of 21 or so and Dave, the owner, believes he just went off into the woods to die. Killer was missing most of his tail and was pretty beat up but had a great disposition. Dave says when he had a mate, he was protective and meaner, hence how he got his name but when his mate died, he became a pushover.

A few months ago, my daughter and I went as we always did and noticed the shop was closed. I knew that when school started up again, Dave had no help left and I assumed he was just having a hard time with staffing until the shop was closed for a few weeks in a row. I lost track of time to try inquiring and one week went to another and I finally thought a few weeks ago to call over and see if anyone answers.

Lo and behold, Dave answered. We talked for a bit and as it turned out, Dave's back went out bad and he had emergency surgery and went through a really tough time. His wife opened the shop for just a short time each day during the week. Even the Sunday I talked to him, he was about to close up the shop at 11:30 but said I a few weeks he'd be back full force.

Today, instead of sticking around church while my kid had band rehearsal, I took a drive over and I was happy to see Dave, some new hired help, and this quaint little rustic shop back to running full force.

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