Wednesday, December 18, 2013


Last night I had to make a decision for how to handle the snow situation. either I had to get my ass out there very late, at around 11 pm or I had to be out there at 5 am to move the snow. There was a brief moment where I thought I could have my kid get on the bus then take care of the snow at my own pace and go to work late. the problem, That means I would have had to surrender the 10 minutes or so I get in the car with my daughter while I drive her to school and I saw no good reason to make that sacrifice when all I had to do was go out and move the snow. the reality is that as much as moving the snow was unappealing at 11 pm, I know for sure it would be less appealing at 5 and likely harder to do after overnight temperatures had their say.

When I got back inside, I was cold, wet, tired and my left foot was numb. I sat back for a few minutes and took a peek at FB and in seconds, my body, heart and soul were renewed and filled with warmth. Even people that you know are amazing can surprise you with just how amazing they are.

I hope that each of you can find such moments.

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